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GSoC: Tux Paint ‘Magic Tools’

Tux Paint is a small but powerful and efficient Painting Application for children. We can create pictures in Tux Paint using the Built in tools like Paint Brush, Stamps and add extra effect to them using the ‘Magic Tools’.

This project deals with the creation of extra ‘Magic Tools’ for Tux Paint using the new Magic Tool plugin API by Bill Kendrick. This makes use of the Simple Direct Media Layer (SDL). The main aim of this work is to make the children available with new tools and providing them a platform to extend their creative ideas.

The aim is to create some tools that will provide some additional effects to the images. This includes a Rain plugin which is more like the Grass tool provided with Tux Paint, gives a rainy effect to the image. Another intended plugin is a Scratch plugin that will provide an effect such that the entire canvas looks scratched.

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GSoC Project Withdrawn

This is sad. The wxPython organization has removed the wxPython documentaion project from the ideas list. So my first application goes waste. I’m now trying to do the Tux Paint Magic Tools project in the Tux4kids section.

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Google Summer of Code 2008

Hi its been a long since I ve been on my blog.

Im now planning to participate in the Google Summer of Code 2008. I would like to work on wxPython Teaching Tool project in the wxPython section. Im not sure whether I will be assinged to that project, but im really interested in it because Python is my favourite programming language and I’ve already done a GUI project in python at my college using Tkinter & Pmw (Digital Circuit Simulator) . wxPython is not very different from Tkinter rather it has more GUI widgets.

Also I would like to learn more about wxPython and I think this is my best opportunity to do it. So I’ll try my best to get that project

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