About Me

Sreejith K

I’m Sreejith K, a former Computer Science & Engineering student of JECC, employed in K7 Computing Pvt Ltd as a  Development Engineer. I’m a Free Software enthusiast who is using GNU/Linux and other Free Software tools at home and for educational purposes. My interests are testing different Linux distros, a little bit of programming, seeing movies and playing Cricket and Volleyball.

I’m considering this webspace as a space to share what I know with all of my readers. It may be my experiments with GNU/Linux, my computer programs, or even some news from the area on Free Software or Opensource. If you’re having any suggestions, feel free to post a comment here.


Sreejith K

mail2me @ sreejithemk[AT]gmail[DOT]com

Operating System :  Ubuntu 8.04 LTS

GPG Public Key :    1024D/53951E90

IM :  GTalk, ID: sreejithemk

Savannah Profile : Sreejith K

Launchpad Profile : Sreejith K

Phone : +91 9744083606

2 responses to “About Me

  1. subeesh

    hei thatzz cool buddy!!!!

  2. Deepti.K

    Its really informative inspite of the fact that i hve no awareness about these things!!Thanks for introducing me to your world of softwares!

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