New ICC Ranking: Sachin not in the top 20 !!!

I’m so frustrated to make this post. The new ICC (International Cricket Council) Ranking of “Top Cricketers Ever” has come with the new year’s first unbearable nonsense, not including our great Sachin Tendulkar in the list of Top 20 Test Batsmen the game has ever produced. ICC ranked Sachin as the 26th greatest batsman in Tests and 12th in ODIs. The new ranking has already become a controversy.

As Cricket is the most popular sports in the subcontinent, everyone knows Sachin and the contribution of sachin to this great game. Being the highest run getter in both the Test and ODIs makes him the Greatest Batsman of all time. But unfortunately ICC don’t think so. They have given the Batsmen’s crown to Sir Donald Bradman (I have no doubt, he is the best), but the next rankings upto 25 includes batsmen inwhich most of them are not even comparable to the calibre of our Sachin. The newcomers like Kevin Peterson ranked above him, does this mean Kevin is greater than Sachin ?? Of course not, It’ll take years and years of cricket to achive the status of a player like Sachin and we’re not sure whether Kevin is capable (What if he goes for ducks in the coming matches and makes nothing in his career). Apart from this, Sachin is a proven Legend, his records prove this. Anyway the new ICC Ranking is nothing but avoiding the subcontinents and making the Englishmen great. Remember the words of Bradman himself “When I see Sachin playing, I see myself in the Pitch”.

ICC is also making arguements like “The new Ranking is not a showcase of the calibre and career experience of the Players”..

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One response to “New ICC Ranking: Sachin not in the top 20 !!!

  1. Manu K Mohan

    To see a post about cricket in a tech blog.
    But as a cricket fan,very reasonable post that everyone in this world should know.
    What SIr Bradman said was some years ago,but now if he go through Sachin’s records,he will say Sachin is better than him.
    Like ‘Man of Match’,’Man of Series’,Sachin should be given’The Man of Cricket’.

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