Video Encoding made easy

There are several video/audio encoders available in Linux like Ffmpeg and Mencoder. But not everyone like the commandline version very much. But there are also GUI  front-ends for both these encoders. Avidemux and Vive are the GUI front-ends for Ffmpeg. And GMencoder is the GUI frontend for Mencoder. I built a deb package for these to install them on Ubuntu.

In order to use these tool you must install the Ffmpeg/Mencoder through Synaptic.

[Download Vive]

[Download GMencoder]

Also if you don’t want the GUI’s and stick with the commandline version. This page helps you to create custom commandline arguements for Mencoder.



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2 responses to “Video Encoding made easy

  1. Some more application to do this…

  2. Thanks …
    The full set of Mencoder frontends can be fount here
    But I think these are the best considering the gnome desktop and they have a cool and simple interface.

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