Source Installation – The Ubuntu/Debian way !!!!

After a long time searching Google I found something interesting. Its a script called Autodeb. Many users are irritated by installing the softwares fro the sources doing all the ./configure & make stuffs. But Autodeb script can automate this process and can generate a .deb file that is easy to install. It also finds up the depedencies and install them.

It can be downloaded at [AUTODEB]

Make the script executable first:

chmod +x

Then to run in console mode, type

sudo ./

To run in GNOME, type

gksudo ./ --gnome

To run in KDE, type

kdesu ./ --kde

You can also give the filename of a tarball, or a directory, as the last argument in the command line.

Concept of AutoDeb

Given a directory or a tarball containing source code and an autoconf ‘configure’ script, autodeb will

1) Run the ‘configure’ script under strace, which tracks all of configure’s attempts to access files

2) When ‘configure’ fails, autodeb looks at the last file that ‘configure’ tried to access; it asks auto-apt to find the package that files belongs to, installs it, and goes back to 1)

3) When ‘configure’ eventually succeeds, autodeb compiles the sources using ‘make’

4) At this point, AutoDeb does a ‘make install’ under a LD_PRELOAD environment (checkinstall), which instead of letting files be installed to the root filesystem structure, it creates a .deb package out of them

5) Now autodeb looks at every executable file contained in the .deb package, and calls ‘ldd’ on them to determine the shared libraries that they require to run

6) auto-apt is then asked to find which packages those libraries belong to, and autodeb lists these packages as dependencies for the CheckInstall-generated .deb package



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