Compiz Fusion Video Playback

While running Compiz-Fusion, You wouldn’t be able to see any video play while either moving the window, viewing desktops in expo, 3d cube, or any other cool effect for that matter; instead you would see a blue screen, including when viewing in full screen.

* GStreamer Users (The default video player in Ubuntu, totem-gstreamer, and any video player that is based on the gstreamer backend)

o Open a terminal and type “gstreamer-properties”. Press Enter.

o Click the Video tab.

o Under Default Video Plugin select “X Window System (No Xv)”.

o Click Test to verify that video playback is working (you should be able to see the standard TV testing colour stripes).

o Click Close

* VLC Users (VLC is not installed by default)

o Start VLC and click on Settings, then Preferences.

o Expand Video and then expand Output modules. You will notice several options for output device.

o Select the item Output modules, and notice the checkbox at the bottom right that says Advanced options. Check the box, and now you have the option to select a different output device.

o Pick X11 video output

o Click on Save and you are set!

* MPlayer Users (Mplayer is not installed by default)

o Start Mplayer

o Right-click on the screen and select Preferences

o Select the Video tab and under Available Drivers select “X11 (XImage/Shm)”

o Click Save and restart the program for the setting to take effect.

+ Some times MPlayer may not be able to show videos in full screen.

* Xine users

o Start xine

o Click File, then Configure and then Preferences

o In experience_level select “Master Of The Known Universe” so that all available settings are visible.

o Select the tab for video.

o Under Driver select “xshm”.

o Restart xine.

+ The same process enables Totem that has the totem-xine backend configured.


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