OOXML: A threat to ODF ?

With OOXML getting the ISO stamp, ODF is no longer the only standard left in its domain. It will have to fight for survival and dominance against a heavyweight fighter – one thats backed by Microsoft!

The ISO is a body which approves standards. First we need to know how the ‘standard’ came into the picture. Noone pushed any standard. The government organizations and industries needed a vendor independant standard (Open Standard) when it came to data storage. In the case of data storage it is not safe to use any proprietary standards. A standard should be independant of any vendor or application and should be easily decodable at the end user level.

Microsoft was asked to create such a standard many years ago by several govern ment organizations. But when the ODF came into picture and it is approved as an ISO standard,  Microsoft came with its own standard OOXML. The situation is a ‘Standard War’ between Micosoft and ODF. Both of them have advantages in their own perspective. But many government organization will use ODF as their standard in the future. According to my perspective the standards are meant to be unique: ie. for a particular solution you dont need to create several standards. Such a situation will erase the meaning of being a “standard”. It is needless. Let’s wait and see the standard war between OOXML and ODF.


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