Make a way for the new “Ubuntu Hardy Heron”

Many people are afraid of moving to Linux because they are not aware of the power and range of applications the Linux platform will support. Many of my colleagues argue that they couldn’t carry their work with any of the Linux distributions since they are using Microsoft Windows and other native Windows softwares for a long time. But the time has come to reconsider their thought. Now, most of the Linux distributions come with wide range of applications such that every application in the Windows platform can find an analogue in Free Software/Open source area. So, people don’t need to throw lots of bucks to buy the ‘good for nothing’ (sometimes) proprietary applications (Generally speaking, you don’t need to ‘crack’ it to use for free [free as in free beer]) rather they have the Free applications in GNU/Linux to use freely (Free as in Freedom). The new Ubuntu 8.04 codenamed Hardy Heron is an innovative Linux platform designed to replace the proprietary/non-free Microsoft Windows/ Windows applications. Some of the most needed applications in Windows and their Free derivatives are given.

  1. Microsoft Office : OpenOffice
  2. Adobe Photoshop : Gimp
  3. Winamp : XMMS/Audacious
  4. Windows Media Player : Totem/Mplayer/VLC/Xine
  5. Adobe Pagemaker : Scribus
  6. Nero : Gnomebaker/K3B/Brasero/Devede
  7. Winzip/WinRAR : File Roller/Ark
  8. And lot more………..

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