Python Networking: Send Emails using smtplib

Here is a small application in Python for sending email messages via SMTP


import smtplib

fromAddr = raw_input(‘From: ‘)
toAddr = raw_input(‘To: ‘)

Subject = raw_input(‘Subject: ‘)
Message = raw_input(‘Message: ‘)

Email = ‘Subject: ‘+Subject+’\n\n’+Message

Server = smtplib.SMTP(“BlackPearl”,25)
Server.sendmail(fromAddr, toAddr, Email)
print ‘Your Email has been sent to ‘, toAddr


If your system has two users “root” and “leaf” you should have two email accounts like root@localhost and leaf@localhost (Assuming hostname to be localhost. Here in this example its BlackPearl)

Run using python

To view the email type mail and type the email number to read it.


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